Bought the house, moved in, decorating. Getting married soon. Update over. I will never keep this up to date but I will tell you about my holiday. Me and Lizzie went to a b&b in a little village called Barford. It was gorgeous, the owner had restored beautifully. We had homemade bread for breakfast every morning.

Sat - Arrived, went to watch the champion's league final in leicester with Al, Pepsi and Graeme. It was great to see them. We had some drinks after and went to a club. The music was great and we all danced loads.

Sun - Met my parents for sunday dinner. Was good to see them. Went swimming in Bedworth

Mon - Went to Warwick Castle. It rained all day but we had fun. Also went round Warwick town and did a little window shopping.

Tue - Went Swimming in Stratford and then lazed around Stratford. In the night we met up with Nic and watched "Withnail and I" in a cool little bar in Coventry.

Wed - Sorted out loads of wedding stuff in Cov. Had an excellent meal in Warwick at the Rose and Crown.

Thurs- Swimming again in Stratford and mooched around town.

Friday - Stratford again. watched 2 plays. there were only 3 people in the audience for the the first one (including us). The second was a one man show of midsummer night's dream.

Sat - Came home.
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Last updated 142 weeks ago!

I'm hoping to keep this more up to date as a way of staying in touch with my friends. I realised that I haven't updated this for a while and I plan to change that.

I won't go into what has happened in the 142 weeks since posting last. The main thing is that me and Lizzie are buying a house together. It's a terrace house and we should be moved in by the end of November.

Today me and Lizzie went to Haworth. It's a beautiful town in Yorkshire where the Bronte sisters grew up. We went in the Bronte museum there. The parsonage they used to live in has been converted into the museum. Lizzie loved it. To be honest I wasn't even sure which books they had written but finished the day knowing their life story.

We went to a cafe and I ate loads of good food. Then we went for a walk in the sun on the moors.
You can see some pictures here http://www.flickr.com/photos/43629025@N05/sets/72157622474426027/

We have been off work for the past week and have another week off. Yay!


Your girlfriend talks you into letting her put pink nail varnish on you. She later tells you she has no nail varnish remover (Which she knew all along). You have work the next day. How mean/funny is this?
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Well it’s been a long time since I've posted. I usually leave long gaps between posts only to find there's not that much write home about. Things have changed a bit. Now I don't like to brag but things are just really good for me at the min so it might sound like I am but I'm not. I'm just sharing and I'm not going to apologise.

I'm so happy! I've just got a new position at work that's more interesting and better paid. Although I've also been moved away from my friends. Karma maybe? The main reason for my happiness is my wonderful girlfriend. I'll spare you the cheesy, how much I love her stuff. She knows how I feel. Things are going great. We've seen each other for the past 4 weekends. I've managed to get her a temp job so she'll be staying with me for a little while soon too. I'm very excited and she is too.

And now for some boring news. My crappy car nearly (but not quite) broke down on me on fri. It made a horrible noise and I stopped, noticed a partially ripped belt so I called the AA. If I had a cutting implement of any description I would have cut the loose bit off and drove home, but I didn't. So I basically called the AA man and waited 1 h 20 min (which wasn't all bad) for him to turn up with a pair of scissors. I felt a bit silly but hell I wasn't going to take a chance with mine and Liz’s safety driving an obviously dodgy car. So anyway, it got temporarily fixed and I drove a less obviously dodgy car home. Cost £50 to fix which wasn't too bad but I could have done without.

I found a long lost note book today when I re-arranged the room. In it was a quote which I'll leave you with. Make of it what you will,

'Defend the truth until your death, for the truth will set you free.'
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I'm back baby. Moved into a new flat recently. Just got the net installed yesterday. Living in cov with my mate adam. It's great living in my own place and i'll never go back to my parents. It's not cos i don't love them, i do. It's just that once you get the taste of real independence nothing else is the same. I love being 100% responsible for my life and how I live. I'm bossy and need to be my own boss. Life is good at the moment and things are even on the up (hopefully). I've got an interview for an internal job that I'm well placed to get. I'm dating a truly remarkable girl, enjoying every minute I get to know her a little better. This Sat I've organised a night out with the boys starting round mine and that should be ace. Just got back from Corfu. Went there with my Mum, Dad and Sister. It was a bit stressful as we annoyed each other quite a bit. It wasn't really my kind of holiday but good none that less.

Villa kitten that i wanted to take home (I'm not even a cat person.)

Me in the Sea

Dad and Nic in Pool at night.

Sunset from the Villa

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Just moved into my new flat but I have no internet yet, hence no posts for a while.

All in all life is treating me very well atm.


On friday I had a day off.
What did I do?

I rose at noon, turned on the box and watched mtv2.
Went to the garden centre and bought some pots.
I dug up dirt and planted some plants, while listening to crowded house.
I didn't drink, I didn't party, I didn't dance.
But I played the part of taxi driver.
Wishing i was the one being driven.

I think I'm getting older.

(now i'm gonna drink beer and watch band of brothers and hope that can lift my spirits on this pathetic Saturday night.)
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Slav Epic

Just got back from an awesome 7 days in Prague, so I thought why not tell you about it. Well, there are many good reasons actually. Most of them include me being drunk or crazy (sometimes both at the same time) and getting embarrassed about it. But seeing as I don't care what other people think of me and the fact that whatever i leave out will only later be disclosed via various other media, read on for my week in prague, warts an' all.


Arrivied at 3pm. Settled in at the B&B. Had a beer (pivo'clock). Went out to party. We figured that Sat would be a big night in town and even though we were tired we'd make the most of it. We hit a few bars, then Graeme went home and the rest of us went to a club.

We were off our faces and lost each other in the club. After and hour or 2 of searching I found pepsi but neither of us had seen al for a while. We looked everywhere but eventually thought he must have gone home with a girl. Me and Pepsi left the club at about 5 and wondered round Prague looking for a metro station. Pepsi got fed up and persuaded me to get a cap, not before stealing a hubcap and making the cab driver put it in the boot. In the meantime Al had woken up outside the club robbed not only of his memories of that night but also his wallet and phone.


Al made it back to the B&B. We canceled his cards and gave him some money and although still depressed he'd stopped saying he'd ruined everyones holiday. (no one for a minute thought that). We were all suffering with hangovers and didn't do much apart from wander round Prague. At night we played poker. I taught Graeme and Pepsi how to play, but the apprentice promptly became tha master and Graeme kicked my ass all holiday.


Time for culture baby! And the culture just kept on coming. We went to the Municipal House which is mainly a concert hall with loads of decorated smaller rooms, mostly in the Art Noveau style. My favourite was the room designed by Mucha. (Go on google him now, dares ya!). All the rooms were done by Czech artists and sculpters, its a real celebration of Czech culture. After getting food we then went to the Communist museum and it turns out the the Czechs didn't like the commies very much. Went out for more pivo, found a nice bar by the metro line and holed up there until the last train.


Went for a walk along the river and across the Charles bridge. Stumbled on the Kafka Museum and at Al's recommendation we went in. It was very interesting and some of his books are now firmly on my reading list. Dinner out, I had duck which was lovely. We then split up. Al and G going to the castle and me and pepsi walked around the Jewish quarter. We paid £5 to get into the smallest Synagogue ever. What a ripoff. The free skull cap didn't really soften the blow. We went to Jan Palach, named after a student who set himself alight in protest against the Communist dictatorship. I was moved that someone would sacrifice themself to make a political statement like that. On his memorial service programme his family place the following quote on the front page. "Defend the truth untill death, for the truth will set you free." Me and Pepsi bought tickets for a String Quartet. They played in a Baroque church and it was a good gig. WE met up iwith the other two, hit a few bars and ended up in the affectionately named 'writing bar'. We were in there for a while singing songs and being very drunk. we were thinking of going home but asked an american girl next to us to take our photo. we all got taking and got on we'll. as well as really drunk people do that is. We enjoyed each others company and went to another bar, then another bar. but while walking i offered one of the girls a piggy back ride (when i say offered read perstered). to whicl they replied 'But scouser you can't even stand up.' The tallest one gave in, took a run up and flatened me. i was on the floor laughing for about 10 mins but serverly injured my wrist. it still hurts now. i thought it was broken. anyway we ended up in a strip bar where i got screwed on my round when some bright spark bought a vodka and mint cocktail served in what can only be described as a bucket sized glass. We swapped numbers arranged to meet and got home at about 7am. What i forgot to mention was that pepsi decided to pretend he was irish all night and was know to the girls as keith o'grady. we kept calling him james or pepsi so that took some explaining.


We were so hungover we didn't meet the girls. pepsi didn't want to because he didn't want to come clean or pretend to be irish while sober. Went to a modern/abstract art gallery in the afternoon, then a few more bars. Graeme left us and got very, very lost. We met him at 12am (is 12am night?) and he was upset and went to bed. me, al and pepsi talked for ages and discovered the the true nature of god and also decided which 3 girls we'd take to a desert island with us.


Today we headed to the lake which was a metro and tram ride away and i got a bit worried as to whether we'd find it or not. And boy did we. There were a few people sunbathing, one or two topless women and a couple of just naked people. Then we stumbled on the nudist section. ok maybe less stumbled more like knowingly walked straight through feeling a little uncomfortable. there wa a bar there and a minority of people were wearing clothes so we stopped there at pivo'clock and tried not to look at anyone else. The longer we were there, the more uncomfortable i felt. so what did i do? I got naked! i wanted to got for a swim anyway. I stripped, marched down to the lake and waded in. Swimming naked in a massive warm lake was liberating. I do it again at the drop of my pants! Later we went to a jazz bar with a shit hot band, we filmed them and bought a cd. the bar man even complimented us on you wickid dress sense.


Went to the Mucha Museum, which I'd wanted to go to all week. It was fantastic. I think he's now my favourite artist. I bought a big book with his life story and loads of his work in. I'm gonna decide one my favourties and buy them off the net. Go on google Mucha now. Do it if you haven't already. Wandered round the town more, buying a few prezzies. Graeme went to Tesco for the trip back the next day. Guess who he met there? The 3 lovely american girls. he arranged to meet them. Even though we had no money, we pooled what we had, got some more out of the cash machine and got ready to party again. Ate my last czech meal of pork and paste dumplings. Big mistake, the thick dumplings kinda settled in my stomach and as i drank more beer at pivo'clock and it felt like i was slowly drowning in beer. Probably a good idea as when we met the girls again i was pretty sober and could hold an intelligent conversation with them. Had a good time. I persuaded one of them to go to the mucha museum, well i actually made her promise. One of them turned out to be interested in brewing so i told her about the beer tasting place we never go to. As she seemed to be really interested in it so i gave her my guide book. Hell, i wasn't going to use it any more. We left about 2am. got into an argument with the taxi driver and all collapsed asleep.


We all made breakfast. The taxi to the airport was like a rally car driver by a 7 year old. My god were we scared! Arrived back in a cloudy dull England full of crazy stories but utterly knackered.

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Superman Returns

I want 2 1/2 hours of my life back and the £6 entrance fee. What a boring unimaginative film! I think the director focused on making the film look pretty rather than ensuring there was a proper plot.

The plot:

Superman returns.
Lex Luther throws a rock into the sea and makes a big island.
Superman carries the island off to space.

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